Dream Visco 500 Divan Bed

 Dream Visco 500 Divan Bed

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The DreamVisco 500 mattress is a 50mm Visco memory foam and 20cm in height. This mattress has a zip off washable cover. The higher in density memory foam the quicker it will react to the body heat which allows it to mould itself to the shape of a warm body within a few minutes and Lower density memory foam is pressure-sensitive and will mould more quickly to the shape of the body.

The DreamVisco 500 mattress gives a feel good, fresh sensation when you lie on it. It is extremely soft, light and airy. The heat and moisture is generated by your body but will evaporate within the first hour of sleep and the DreamVisco 500 fabric will keep your body cool throughout the night.

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Headboard available at an addtional cost.

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